Determined as:Poaceae Aristida heymannii Regel
Collected by:Rilke, S., 08.08.2003, Coll.No. 4583
Determined by:Rilke, S.
Confirmed by:Sabrina Rilke, Susanne Starke, 4.9.2009
Flowering status:adult, flowering and fruiting
Remarks written on herbar label:3 awns,
Herbarium:Herbar Rilke Private herbarium of Sabrina Rilke, R. Breitscheidstr. 5, D-17489 Greifswald, Germany; contact:
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Locality: Great Lake Basin, NW edge of lake Khar-Us-Nuur, Gurwan-Unet hills, camp side
Coordinates:geogr. Coord. 92.1025 (lon) 48.1936 (lat) WGS84
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GPS number:39
Altitude:1250 m asl
Habitat:Caragana shrub desert on sandy soil over granite rubble